Policy Privacy


FRENCH LABORATORIES SL is a company incorporated in Spain with registered office C/ Flamicell 30 17487 Empuriabrava, holding fiscal identity number "B17716572". Data Protection Compliant: legal@frenchlaboratoire.com.


We collect user's data in order to deliver them a deeper approach of our products and educational program, to provide them with a closer sales channel and to perform a market evaluation.

  • Identification data
    • Name and surname, country, profession, address, phone and e-mail address.
  • Provide user with a friendly environment
    • Professional user may decide to set a photograph or image to the internal profile. In the event this photograph corresponds to its personal portrait, this image will be treated according to the legal provisions, and shall be used solely for the aforementioned purpose, in none event it shall be transferred to third parties.
    • User may remove/revoke his/her personal image in any moment.
  • Provide user with the products information, educational program, and promotional campaigns.
    • If you subscribe to our Newsletter, your data will be used for sending you the following information.
      • Information about new or existing products.
      • Information regarding educational program.
      • Information regarding events organized by us or in which we are participating.
      • Promotional campaigns. If needed, it shall be accompanied with the required legal information, in order to duly treat your data.
  • Provide users data to its closer sales channel
    • User may agree that his/her data to be transferred to third parties that will use the data exclusively for the same purpose that has been collected.
    • This third parties are distributors that are included in the European Economic Area, and have certified for the Privacy Shield or signed an agreement according to the European standards. In the event a third party is not placed in the EEA, it shall be submitted to Privacy Shield or to an agreement according to the European standards.
  • Market evaluation
    • For this purpose, your data will be used to:
      • Statistical purposes
        • Sales statistics.
        • Consumer's profile.
      • Commercial purposes:
        • To promote events, educational program.
        • To promote Products.
        • To promote services.


We collect your data on the legal basis of your consent.

  • User consent
    • User's consent entitles FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL, to treat user's data according to legal provisions and its extension user has determined.


We will treat your data as long as the purpose of the storage of your data remains necessary and user has not rejected.

  • User consent
    • Data will be treated as long as the purpose remains and user has not rejected. Data will be conserved as long as legal provisions establish, in order to accomplish with mandatory responsibilities. Once the mandatory conservation term is extinguished, data will be suppressed.


In order to perform the purposes according to which consent has been given to, FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL transfers the data to third parties (processors).

  • The following agents are legally considered as processors, according to the meaning of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.
    • Servers
    • Mailing services
  • All agents are included in the European Economic Area. Privacy standards applicable to FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL are also applicable to them. In the event a third party is not placed in the EEA, it shall be submitted to Privacy Shield or to an agreement according to the European standards.


User is assisted by the following rights: right to access to the data and its portability, right to correct the data, right to restrict the usage of the data and right to revoke. User may exercise the above rights by contacting FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL on the following e-mail: legal@frenchlaboratoire.com. User may appeal to Spanish Competent Authority.

  • Right to access to the data
    • User is entitled to check its data.
  • Right to portability of the data
    • User is entitled to exercise his/her right of portability of the data, so the data may be transferred to a different responsible person.
  • Right to correct the data
    • User is entitled to modify or update data. User warrants FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL, the correspondence of the data provided to the reality. User undertakes to notify any change to the Responsible. Any losses or responsibilities caused to the Responsible or to third parties intervening due to errors or incorrectness of data provided shall be of the exclusive responsibility of user.
  • Right to restrict the usage of the data
    • User is entitled to temporally limit the usage of the data and to limit the extension of the time the data shall be conserved.
  • Right to claim
    • User is entitled to claim to the competent authority (AEPD; Agencia Española de Protección de Datos).
  • Right to revoke
    • User is entitled to withdraw consent at any time.

User guarantees FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL. the genuineness of its data. Any changes made by the user should be notified to the Data Protection Compliant of FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL. User is the unique responsible of the veracity and the accurateness of its personal data transferred to FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL.or to its third party. Therefore, FRENCH LABORATOIRE SL is exempt from its liability regarding the veracity of the data provided by the user of its web site.